LiPo Battery Packs

planeAGPower Lipo Battery Packs are all built with the highest quality materials available bar none, we do not short cut any part of the process or use anything in the production that that we are not 100% confident will produce the best packs available.

The output cables are all silicon covered, multi stranded copper which are more than capable of taking the full potential output current from the pack while still being flexible enough to not snap or break down in normal use.

The tabs on the cells are also substantial and again capable of taking the full current available from the pack and are silver soldered to the pickup board to where the silicon cable are attached (also with Silver based solder).

The cells are packed into puncture resistant poly bags and the packs are double covered in high quality heat shrink with the pack ends protected with Fiber board fillers.
Any of the possible 'rub' points (where cables exit the pack for instance) are covered in an extra layer of heat shrink to protect them.

All in all, the best possible combination to produce the best possible packs..