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"Oh yeh baby,real impressed. I shall get a video of the Vanquish hopefully on the weekend and post it. Power was greater than the Evo Lites and after 8 mins of some real bashing,i landed. Not cos of a loss of power,but i was getting bored LOL. Top Lipos.Well done lads"
Joe, Croydon, UK - 4S-2500mah 30C

"Got one in my Multiplex Twin Star and one in my Multiplex Twin Jet and both go like rockets, far more power available that anything else i've used.."
Paul, London, UK - 3S-3700mAh 22C 11.1v

"Having spent the last few years in the Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) end of electrics where High Kv brushless motors and high amp ESC are used and LIPO's are pushed to the max. When I tried out my first pack of 4S1P 3700 25c lipos from AG Power, I was surprised at how well these packs performed. I found these packs to be lighter with reduced internal resistance an a longer duration than my previous high end packs.When running a Wemotec 480 Het 2w20 and Jeti 70 amp ESC which on the bench was pulling 55 to 60 amps and generating 800 to 900 watts I was impressed. The packs lasted longer in flight by about I minute which is significant in a 5 minute flight and were only just warm to the touch after being run flat out most of the time.On recharging as recommended ie 1C after the first flight the packs charged up above their 3700 mah to 4000 mah.These Lipos are top notch, great for EDF applications which draw higher amps and they are cheaper in price than the more expensive premium brand Lipo's. I can not recommend them enough and I now have 4 * 3700's and 1 2500 30C.My current EDF is a Lingcat which I converted to EDF, sounds great looks good and shifts like a rocket."
Andre, London, UK - 4s-3700mah 30c 14.8v

"I put one of the AGPower Futaba TX packs in my Futaba FF9 and it lasts for weeks - almost no self-discharge so the TX is ready to go out of the box, unlike the nicd I had before which let me down on a few occasions while trying to grab a quick flight between jobs :o)"
Ken, Surrey, UK - Futaba TX Pack